From 3rd August onward all new entries are placed immediately below the school artwork gallery.

As the Barrow Horticultural Society was unable to hold the Rose Show this year we are inviting members and residents to share pictures of your best blooms or drawing of a flower, here on the Community Website.

Barrow School Artwork

We were saddened not to be taking part in this year’s Rose Show. The children have been working on some ‘flower’ inspired work in school during the past few weeks. I have attached some photographs which I hope you can add to your on line exhibition.

We very much look forward to next year’s Rose Show. (Email 27th July from Mrs Nolan, on behalf of Barrow School.

Joan and Reg Thomas (3/8/20)

Trevor Roberts

Sue Hubbard

Janet Walsh

Ann Cavenett

Peter Dobbs

Sue Higginbotham

Kathryn Hall

Jilly Shires

Rachel Morrison

Haf Bell

Stephen Bell

Christine Keogh

Sally Clarke

Peter Bellion

Sue Smith

Beverley Rae

Noel Walker

Chris Youngs

David Rimmell

Colin Higgins

Jane Binyon

Stephanie Heard

Helen de Martino

John Dutton

Helen Thornton

Andy Thornton

Andy Porter