Have you any photographs?

Advance Notice
Have you a beautiful photograph, drawing or painting of Barrow Parish?
As the Neighbourhood plan is now being written we are looking for a frontispiece for the whole document, and relevant photos, drawing or paintings as illustrations for different aspects of the document. The 5 objectives are The Environment, Housing Growth, Traffic and Transport, Leisure and Amenities and Business and Employment. There is also room for illustrations in the sections that precede the objectives.
A date in the New Year will soon be decided to present the rough draft of the entire plan to the Parish and it on this occasion that we would like to see your photos, drawings or paintings, so all attending can decide on the frontispiece and maybe other inserts.
A confirmation of this date, hopefully in January, will appear later in the year, meanwhile, please have a rummage for some spectacular illustrations.
Thank you,
NDP Steering Group