NABS Wood by Tim Healey

NABS Wood Great Barrow

Not everyone in Barrow will know about NABS Wood though there are many Barrow residents you would meet among the trees walking along the grass paths. As owner of the plantation, I am delighted that the wood is now on the Great Barrow website (

The web site was commissioned for Barrow by the Parish Council and managed by Peter Dobbs, who has worked so hard for six years getting it set up and managed. I am very grateful to him for getting NABS Wood onto the site.

The wood is important to residents and I am the landowner. A notice on the gate invites people to walk in the plantation for their recreation. The trees have grown wonderfully since it was planted in January 2008 and in 8 years; some have already reached a height of 40 ft. At this season of the year, there is a lot to see. The autumn colours of the trees and shrubs are delightful and it is a great habitat for natural life, both fauna and flora. The plantation is in Irons Lane just opposite the Social Club with the entrance gate next to the new buildings of Hulme Hall. Whether they live in Barrow or are visitors, I would welcome people to walk through the wood and enjoy it. That is why the wood was planted. Wellies or boots are recommended. Please read all about it on the website. I leave you to puzzle over why we have named it NABS Wood.

Tim Healey

Please take time to read a very interesting article by Tim Healey, which describes the wonderful woodland planting known as NABS wood, set adjacent to Irons Lane.

You can find it on the WOODLANDS page of the website,