The new Parish Council Website is now up and running and available for all to see at




All details of the Parish Council meetings, agendas and minutes, are available to view on this, together with details of any road closures or important information.


It is intended to set up a new link to all of the subcommittees that have a direct connection with the Parish Council so that interested parishioners may easily approach that group or society.

This would be an email address on which they would be happy to be contacted and it is suggested that this may be a generic address so that personal addresses do not appear on the website.


If you are a member of such a club or society would you be kind enough to contact a member of the Parish Council in order that your information may be displayed? You can either email this to the clerk at or ring me with the information.


Many Thanks


Sue Weaver. Tel: 01829 740452 or 07840569022 – Julie Owen – 07779130382