This is the programme for 2019. The games tagged “Frodsham” are evening games, usually at 7 pm on a Wednesday night.

The games tagged “Norley” or “CR Cup” are afternoon games, usually at 2 pm on a Tuesday afternoon.


  Barrow Village Bowling Club    Fixtures 2019
  Tues 02-Apr Overton Memorial H CR Cup
  Thursday 11-Apr Hargrave & Huxley H CR Cup
  Tues 16-Apr Davenham D A CR Cup
  Wed 17-Apr Pavilions D A Frodsham
  Thursday 18-Apr Kingsley B A CR Cup
  Tues 23-Apr Kingsley B A Norley
  Wed 24-Apr Norley B A Frodsham
  Tues 30-Apr Kingsley B H Norley
  Wed 01-May Helsby C H Frodsham
  Tues 07-May Helsby C A Norley
  Wed 08-May Subscription A Frodsham
  Tues 14-May Helsby C H Norley
  Wed 15-May War Memorial A Frodsham
  Monday 20-May Davenham D A Norley
  Wed 22-May Grapes H Frodsham
  Tues 28-May Davenham D H Norley
  Wed 29-May Egerton C H Frodsham
  Tues 04-Jun Tarporley B A Norley
  Wed 05-Jun Kingsley B A Frodsham
  Tues 11-Jun Tarporley B H Norley
  Wed 12-Jun Egerton B H Frodsham
  Tues 18-Jun Bye   Norley
  Wed 19-Jun Rock Park A A Frodsham
  Tues 25-Jun Bye   Norley
  Wed 26-Jun Willow Bank A H Frodsham
  Tues 02-Jul Hargrave & Huxley H Norley
  Wed 03-Jul Pavilions D H Frodsham
  Tues 09-Jul Hargrave & Huxley A Norley
  Wed 10-Jul Norley B H Frodsham
  Tues 16-Jul Lions Over Park B H Norley
  Wed 17-Jul Helsby C A Frodsham
  Tues 23-Jul Lions Over Park B A Norley
  Wed 24-Jul Subscription H Frodsham
  Tues 30-Jul Overton Memorial H Norley
  Wed 31-Jul War Memorial H Frodsham
  Tues 06-Aug Overton Memorial A Norley
  Wed 07-Aug Grapes A Frodsham
  Tues 13-Aug Barnton B H Norley
  Wed 14-Aug Kingsley B H Frodsham
  Tues 20-Aug Barnton B A Norley
  Wed 21-Aug Egerton C A Frodsham
  Tues 27-Aug Cuddington C H Norley
  Wed 28-Aug Egerton B A Frodsham
  Monday 02-Sep Cuddington C A Norley
  Wed 04-Sep Rock Park A H Frodsham
  Tues 10-Sep Hazel Pear B A Norley
  Wed 11-Sep Willow Bank A A Frodsham
  Tues 17-Sep Hazel Pear B H Norley

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