Calling all cyclists and parents – Cycling & Walking Infrastructure – bridging the gap

The following article was received from a Barrow resident.


If you have a few minutes please have a read of my note below and attached basic plan for an extension of the Chester Greenway to Barrow. It’s something I thought could work brilliantly for years… and now we have a ready made Leisure Hub & Park & Ride in the Heart of the Village, hey why not? It could make Barrow the focal point of a safe, green route between Delamere and Chester, avoiding the dreaded A56 and A51 so people of all ages and abilities could cycle and walk between the urban and rural areas. It would also help to keep the Shop/Cafe, Pub etc open by bringing Chester folks out to us and our cycling neighbours in Ashton, Manley, Helsby, Frodsham etc in to the village on a nice clean, green route into Chester…

There is currently a consultatation document from CWAC out for review on proposals to extend cycling routes in Chester, Northwich, Wisnford, Helsby and Frodsham – you can read it here:


Whilst the plans are welcome and  exciting, I think the “Barrow Link”  would add significantly to its impact if it could be made to happen. The Plan still does not connect Chester (and the Wirral and North Wales Cycleways) with Eddisbury. If the plan is implemented as described People would still traverse the “twin terrors” of the A54 and A56 to travel between Delamere and Chester. A potential route close to Barrow in between would immediately address this and basically change the whole idea of what people of all ages and abilities could do on bikes in our area. You can comment on the Plan by following the link.

What do people reckon?

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