We’re experiencing unprecedented times. It’s a worry for people everywhere, but we’re lucky in Barrow to be such a close-knit community of neighbours and friends that naturally pulls together.

You may be elderly, in quarantine or perhaps have a medical condition that means you have to self-isolate. Maybe you’re worried about being able to get out to the shops, pick up a prescription or walk the dog. You might just feel like talking to someone on the phone. Whatever’s concerning you in these extraordinary times, there is someone living close by who is happy to help.

People in Barrow play together, laugh together, volunteer together – and we look out for every member of the community. We have a whole army of people who’ve offered their help with everything from shopping to grass-cutting, all according to the latest guidelines, of course. It’s heart-warming – but that’s Barrow.

So, if any of the above strike a chord and you need any support at all, please call or drop us the details using one of the numbers below and we’ll make sure someone gets in touch asap. We’re in this together, and we’re here for each other.

Isabelle Hughes 01829 740 131
Bill Arathoon 07985 732 400
John Armstrong 07770 800 053
Andy Porter 07831 192 390
Anne Law 01244 300 546
Andy Stinson 01829 740 263
Hilary Fergusson 01244 300 334

We also have a CARE FOR BARROW Facebook page for people to post information and help keep people in the village in the loop. You can find it here:

Remember to Stay Safe, Stay Home & avoid close contact with anyone from outside your home.