Our own Paula Richards is now officially a BBC NW Tonight Every Day hero.
As landlady of the White Horse Paula has done a heroic job over recent weeks when the pub was forced to close in the Covid 19 crisis.

Paula and Darren have maintained a delivery service for meals that has since become a complete shop, stocking local farm produce and essentials for people in the village who would otherwise struggle to get what they need due to self-isolation. 

You can still visit the pub to buy goods 7 days a week, but on a strictly controlled “one in-one out” basis and most purchases are done over the phone and via careful doorstep delivery.

The “Pub Shop” as we now know it is a lifeline and has helped enormously to maintain morale and a sense of community spirit as well as fulfilling a vital practical function. Paula does daily social media posts on what is in stock and will cater for specific requirements – eg Gluten Free, etc.

Paula was thrilled to feature in a local press article at the weekend, and has been moved by the response she has received from across the Community.
Comments below from the 87-strong Care for Barrow Village WhatsApp group :

“thank you for the fabulous community shop and meals”

“fantastic quality produce… thank you for all you are doing for our community”

“If it wasn’t for you Paula and Darren working so hard to help the locals with a shop we would be really stuck. Thank you so, so much”

“We are lucky to have this available – Great thinking Paula when this all started – you’re doing a great job”Paula should feature on the NW Tonight “Gallery” soon, so keep a lookout for her!