Jean Harley – Plemstall Plants – July update

5th July update from Jean Harley of Plemstall Plants:

‘Fund raising for Hospice of Good Shepherd has reached £ 1000.  !!!!!!!

In less than three months ….usually takes 12 months of packing and unpacking car, setting up Selling  Tables ..  . Standing In fields or indoors  etc . for a minimum of 3 hours …sometimes a whole day …and then doing the whole thing in reverse !!!

So much easier to have it all set out for sale in my drive …and able to invite people to go and see the plant they are thinking of buying growing in my garden or in pots …

So a big thank you to all who have  either come along and bought ..Or donated in other ways by responding to my appeals for canes, or pots, or compost etc…or actual physical help in gardens … you cannot put a price on that …

So here’s hoping that this all continues …we need a little more sun …but at least I haven’t had to worry about watering this last couple of weeks !!!!

And if anyone still needs tomatoes !  I have dozens of plants for sale !

And if the Horticultural  Show  doesnt happen this year ….will have photographs of some lovely and interesting Toms to show …

Now we can all, travel just a little more  I do hope that some of my friends in Barrow will be able to come and sit in my garden for a while soon

Not a business but I have to call myself something .

Fund raising for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd for at least 15 years .

I normally not only have small groups and individual visiting by appointment but also sell at local village and Hospice events ….

At the moment am able to sell ‘ at my gate ‘ and invite visits to my garden ..all at safe distancing of course ..but no refreshments …

Sell plants raised in my own garden or donated by friends and neighbours.

I do not have large stocks …do not sell bedding plants or hanging baskets .

Plants available are shrubs, perennials and plants grown from bulbs in season .

You are invited to come and visit my garden at a mutually convenient time ..have a look around and if you see a plant you like …ask if I have any to sell /supply at appropriate time ..

I also sell unframed mounted paintings and cards showing my work ….

No pressure to buy …advice and chats about plants and gardens ..

I only ask that you buy at least one plant or make a small donation ..

Small but interesting cottage garden with some unusual plants …

location … St Peters Way …Mickle Trafford ..( cycle, walk or drive past )

Some plants displayed on drive …

No need to book at the moment … though it is nice if you do..01244 300967

Tomato plants: At the moment I have lots of tomato plants .. some I have grown and can name .. but a lot have been donated and I cannot be sure, certainly the usual Alicante, Moneymaker, Gardeners Delight and also a few others. First come, first served.

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