Children’s Lockdown Writing & Art Competition

To help preserve memories of this unique time in Barrow we’re holding a children’s Writing & Art Competition. Details to follow, view the entries here.

When someone asks me about the year 2020,
I’ll be able to tell them plenty,
Of loss of lives,
And empty skies.
The world will remember what we lost,
When no one’s paths could be crossed.

I’ll remember how I actually missed going to school,
Though crying over lost lessons made me feel like a fool,
How I never got to do my GCSEs,
Or shout with my class that we’re finally free,
How much I wanted to see my friends and family,
And how my high school prom would never be.

But, I’ll also remember Zoom call birthday parties,
And how everyone’s hearts seemed to ease,
Walking to send things from the post box,
Music blaring while I strolled round the block.
Nature returning from every which way,
Because there were hardly any cars to scare them away.

I’ll say I read the classics in the sun,
Then chatted about them with my mum,
How I danced to the radio with my dad on the deck
While evening sunshine burned into my neck,
Baking treats more than twice a week,
And delivering them to everyone on my street.

Dropping books off at Ben’s,
And feeling like the summer days would never end,
The weekly Skyped pub quizzes,
And distanced back garden visits,
4pm beers in the garden with my parents,
Asking people how they are and really caring.

I’ll remember my mum planting in the greenhouse,
And pegging out wet shirts, socks and trousers,
Chatting to Eve over the gate,
Sleeping in a little too late,
Doing crafts and pressing flowers,
And trying to tan for hours.

Suddenly caring about fashion,
And reorganising bookshelves has really become a passion,
Finally learning how to ride a bike,
And late nights playing rounds of Psych,
Pen-palling with my grandad and Katy,
And finding out my Auntie Nat’s having a baby!

I was so grateful for my friends,
As we all tried to keep up with TikTok trends,
Binge-watching Netflix with my mum,
And watching my shadow in the evening sun,
Being able to smell summer in the air,
I can’t even describe it, I swear.

Lilac sunsets, homemade lemonade and impromptu barbecues,
My Nana’s street even got on the news,
Singing with Vera Lynn on VE day,
I’ll remember watching videos of my cousin’s play,
Walking along the Gowy around half five
And watching the heron, bees and butterflies,

Doing Joe Wicks work-outs over call,
And putting up a Union Jack, because we’re all in this together, one and all.
Chatting on the phone for ages about nothing much,
Just reminiscing and remembering, and laughing at such,
Cuddling my cats against their will,
And thinking that the world seems remarkably still.

We played football in the garden,
And the skies never seemed to darken ,
Even though the world wasn’t any brighter,
We all promised to hold life just that bit tighter.
I’ll say Covid-19 was a global disaster,
But it made me grow up just a little bit faster.

By Tori Taylor
Aged 16
9th May 2020