Coronavirus – Care For Barrow


We’re living in unprecedented times. It’s a worry for people everywhere, but we’re very lucky in Barrow to be such a close-knit community of neighbours and friends that naturally pulls together.


If you are elderly, perhaps have a medical condition that means you have to self-isolate, or if you’re worried about being able to get out to the shops, pick up a prescription, walk the dog, get the grass cut – or you simply want a chat over the phone or (at least 2 meters apart) over the fence, there is someone living close by who is happy to help.

Maybe you live away from Barrow but have a friend or a relative in the village whom you’re anxious about – no problem, we’re here for you.


People in Barrow are friendly. We say “Hi” to each other when we’re out walking or taking the kids to the Park. We volunteer for all sorts of things – from putting up the Christmas Tree to planting bluebells in Barrowmore (which incidentally will be appearing very soon, at the perfect time to give everyone a lift!)

And yes, sometimes we meet in the pub and talk mainly nonsense – because that’s important too.

From the allotment to the bowling green to the football pitch, we work together, play together, laugh together, share interests – and we look out for every member of the community.


Now’s the time for that spirit of Barrow to kick in and work its magic. Already our pub has become a lifeline to buy essentials – turning itself into a shop and stocking and delivering anything from fresh food and drink to loo rolls. The church is doing brilliant work too, making sure that people who need it get support.

We have a whole army of people who’ve offered their help. It’s heart-warming – but that’s Barrow.

So, if any of the above strikes a chord and you need any support at all, please drop us the details in a message via the address below and we’ll makes sure it gets to someone who can help.


We now have a CARE FOR BARROW Facebook page for people to post useful information and help keep people in the village in the loop. You can find it here:

We’re in this together, and we’re here for each other.

The Care for Barrow team with to thank the following people for their help with the launch of Care for Barrow:
Stephen Bell, Lisa Lloyd, Kate Cox& Molly Symonds who did the amazing illustration!

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