Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 11 April 2017 in Barrow Village Hall.

Present: Councillors Eleanor Johnson (in the Chair), John Hassells, Sally James, Pippa Johnson, Malcolm Moulstone, Julie Owen and Sue Weaver.


In attendance: Mrs Kirsty Lowe (substituting for Parish Clerk) and 4 members of the public


              Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Andy Faulkner, Fiona Rackham and the Parish Clerk


There were no declarations of interest and no dispensations sought.

17.42    OPEN FORUM

              The Annual Parish Meeting had taken place immediately prior to the Parish Council meeting and the public had used this opportunity to raise matters of concern.

17.43    MINUTES

The minutes of the meeting held on 14 March 2017 received amendments as requested by Councillors present. The Clerk wrote these by hand on the copy of the minutes presented to the Chair. The minutes were then confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.

Councillor E Johnson read a statement of apology to Barrow Village Hall Committee due to the phrasing of the February minutes which she said had been misleading about the committee’s approach to the defibrillator. The statement also said that the council would be willing to consider whether funding was available for the new Wi-Fi system for the Village Hall.


(1)    Laptop and Software: It was reported that the Clerk had reimbursed the Parish Council the net cost of the Laptop and Software and that she would reclaim the laptop for use elsewhere. As the Parish Council had made the original purchase, they would reclaim the VAT

(2)    The PCC had requested a grant to assist with additional costs of the ‘Barrow News’ It was RESOLVED unanimously to give a grant for the financial year 2017-18 of £500 with the following stipulations:

(a) That the PCC would need to apply annually to the Parish Council for any future top ups

(b) That the Parish Council would receive information about the unit cost per magazine and how much is currently being received in donations and advertising

(c) That any surplus money left over be returned to the Parish Council.


            The Chairman had received the resignation of the Parish Clerk on 24 March 2017. As required by the terms of her contract, the notice would expire three months from the date it was received, which would be 24 June 2017. The Chairman had advertised the vacancy with the Cheshire Association of Local Councils (ChALC). The hours are 8 per week at present and the salary scale by negotiation.


          In order to complete the Annual Return, the Parish Council was required to approve the Annual Governance Statement by considering the statement in each box and ticking either yes or no. The Parish Council was satisfied that they had put the relevant procedures in place, all boxes were ticked as yes and the Chairman of the meeting signed the document.



  • Applications received for consideration and comment
17/01084/CAT T1 – Beech Tree – Reduce height to first fork. T2 – 1 X Hawthorn – Reduce height to similar height. T3 – 1 X Eucalyptus – Re pollard to previous height at Fairford, Mill Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire CH3 7JF

  • Decisions taken by Cheshire West & Chester (CWaC) Council
17/00235/FUL Single storey extension to rear, alteration to front window/door (resubmission of planning permission 13/04914/FUL) at Autumn Barn, Mill Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire CH3 7JF – APPROVED
  • Awaiting Decision:
16/05075/CAT T1 – 1 X Ash Tree – Remove 2-3 suckers over drive and reduce rest of the tree by approx 2 – 2.5 metres – This is required to keep the tree amenable and healthy and safe for the future growth at Chapel Rise, Station Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire CH3 7JW
17/00348/FUL Conversion of existing outbuilding to one dwelling – Outbuildings Adjacent 1 Little Barrow Hall Mews, Station Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire


(1)     The Local Government Boundary Commission for England: Electoral Review of Cheshire West and Chester: Warding Arrangements: Councillor E Johnson declared an interest in this item as a ward Councilllor for CWaC. At the request of Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council (CWaC) the Local Government Boundary Commission for England was carrying out a review to deliver electoral equality across the Borough and to correct current imbalances. The consultation would close on 5 June 2017. Draft recommendations would be published in September with a further round of consultations. The final recommendations would be published in January 2018. The Commission was minded to recommend a reduction in the number of Councillors from 75 to 69. Great Barrow Parish Councillors were concerned about the possibility of being grouped with much bigger wards who may not share similar characteristics and wished to remain grouped with neighbouring Parish Councils Dunham on the Hill, Ashton Hayes, Manley and Mouldsworth.

ACTION – Councillor P Johnson to draft a letter in response to the consultation expressing the views of the Council.

(2)     CAMRA: Correspondence had been received stating that CAMRA had placed a tag indicating the White Horse as an asset of community value. This allows for CAMRA to be notified and gives the community first refusal and certain rights should the pub come up for sale


(1)     Barrow Parish Playing Field Committee: Councillor Moulstone had received two quotes for the new pavilion roof, one from J A Wallace for £7,728 and one from C R Smith for £7,995. Councillor P Johnson said she would get a third quote from Chris Dodd. There had been four incidents where further damage had been caused since the quotes were received.

Councillor Moulstone had spent a lot of time trying to organise grass cutting on the field. He had received a number of quotes for grass cutting/grounds maintenance but felt the cost was prohibitive. Mr Spruce, a local resident had offered to take on cutting the field with his own equipment and it was agreed to ask him for a quote. The field needed to be cut each week in the spring/summer/growing season and needed to include the verge up to the last house in Lampits Lane. Councillors were in favour of offering a three month trial to Mr Spruce subject to costs being agreed in advance.

Councillor Moulstone asked the council for approval to get signs made to indicate that the playing field was closed when grass cutting for public health and safety and to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

RESOLVED Three signs to be ordered from Cestrian Signs saying, “Playing Field closed while grass cutting is in operation.”

The Chairman thanked Councillor Moulstone for time spent dealing with playing field matters on behalf of the Parish Council.

(2)     Footpaths Committee: A report from the Footpaths Committee had been read at the Annual Parish Meeting and is attached with the minutes.

(3)     Police issues: It was reported that the new PCSO for the Barrow area was Debbie Netherton and the Beat Manager was PC Rob Boulton. Councillor Johnson and others had met the police sergeant Ian Wilson at the recent Gowy Forum. The crime reduction programme Operation Shield had been discussed which is being rolled out in many areas across Cheshire West, this costs in the region of £10 per household and consists of DNA marking paste which can be traced back to individual householders.

(4)     Website: A link to the new website had been circulated. It needs some more village images and suggestions were made by Councillors as to where these could be sourced. The community website was in the process of being handed over to Kerry Walker and Peter Dobbs to edit.

(5)     Barrowmore Liaison: The next meeting would take place on 20th April at 10am.

(6)     Allotments: There was no new information to report.

(7)     Neighbourhood Development Plan: The consultation period was open until 1st April. Any comments must be considered and any amendments sent to Rosie Morgan at CWaC, she will then distribute to the statutory consultees.

(8)     Gowy Partnership Meeting:             A planning officer attended the Gowy Partnership Meeting and listened to concerns from the Parish Councils about planning matters. The anaerobic digester at Great Barrow was raised. This had been approved by CWaC but with conditions attached. The next meeting would take place in September when the group would receive a presentation from Helsby Half Marathon team to request road closures.


A number of pot holes were raised, individuals were requested to report these on the CWaC website and it was suggested that the ‘How to’ guidance be re-circulated to remind everyone how to use the CWaC website.

Councillor E Johnson reported that the B5132 Barrow to Stamford Bridge road was on the list for resurfacing next year.

Councillor P Johnson reported an incident on the small bridge with a waggon and the council were in agreement to keep pressing for priority road layout to be actioned by Highways.


(1)     Request for Grant: In 2014 the Parish Council had agreed to contribute towards the costs of the Barrow News, the magazine circulated to every household in the village.  A grant of £500 had been given with an understanding that in future years this support would continue. In the last financial year, the magazine had made a loss of £700.  Whilst a concerted effort was being made to increase advertising and voluntary monetary donations, the PCC now asked the Parish Council for an annual grant of £500 with the proviso that any excess was repaid. It was resolved that this be agreed subject to the conditions noted in 17.44 above.

(2)     Payments: The following payments were noted

Cheque No. Paid to Amount
132 TST – laptop and all-in-one printer 528.00
133 Barrow Village Hall – Room Hire Parish Council/History Group 222.50
134 Cheque void 0.00
135 Parish Clerk – expenses 76.10
S/O Parish Clerk – salary April 341.20
136 Andrew Booth – Tree plaques [Minute15.71(2)] 410.33
137 Barrow News – grant 500.00
138 M Moulstone – Red diesel for grass cutting 24.00
  • Receipts:
Parish Clerk – repayment of cost of laptop and software 474.50
Precept and CTRS grant 14,857.00

(4)     Balances (11 April):

Unity Trust (current account) 7,852.95
Barclays (deposit account) 25,262.33


An update was given about Barrow shop, this project is exploratory, to begin with. Kate Harrison from Ashton Hayes had attended a meeting to share experience and give advice particularly in the area of applying for grants. There had been an enquiry from a third party to discuss the possibility of running a shop. Councillors discussed the possibility of an approach to the Village Hall for use of a garage for storage.

The Clerk was requested, as discussed at the last meeting, to write to the school and Greysfield to ask for funding/support alongside Parish Council funding to improve street lighting.


Tuesday 9 May 2017 at 7.00pm

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