Barrow Parish Council Minutes 14th March 2017


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 14 March 2017 in Barrow Village Hall.

Present: Councillors Eleanor Johnson (in the Chair),  John Hassells, Sally James, Pippa Johnson, Malcolm Moulstone, Julie Owen and Fiona Rackham.

In attendance: Mrs Pauline English (Parish Clerk) and five members of the public


              Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Andy Faulkner and Sue Weaver.


              Councillors Eleanor Johnson and Pippa Johnson declared a personal interest in Minute 17.30 as they currently farm the land on which the proposed development would take place.


The Parish Council welcomed Clare Spearman of Planning Developments the owners of a parcel of land to the west of Barnhouse Lane. Pre-application discussions had been held with Cheshire West and Chester (CWaC). Barrow was classed as a Local Service Centre in the Local Plan, as a result of which the application was being looked at as an exception site. The Parish Council raised a number of issues. The site was in the Green Belt and was a natural flood plain.

17.31    OPEN FORUM

              The Parish Council was asked to keep up the pressure on CWaC to fill in the potholes in Village roads. There was a query about whose responsibility it was to remove the mess left behind when fallen trees were removed. Thanks were offered to everyone who took part in the recent very successful clean-up organised by residents. It was hoped that further clean-ups could be organised throughout the year. There was a query about how often the drains were cleaned out and who was responsible for cleaning up mud left on the highway. The Clerk was asked to request the gulley sucker to clean out all the drains in the Village and for the road brush to be used on the corner by The Old Coach House on Village Road. With regard to mud on the road, it was the farmer’s responsibility to clean up any mess they made and they often had their own road brush for this purpose. A request was received for the Parish Council to ask CWaC (Sarah Dobbins) to redline the shop as a community asset which would ensure that the community had rights under the Community Right to Buy scheme.

17.32    MINUTES

The minutes of the meeting held on 14 February 2017 were confirmed as a correct record, subject to it being noted that the Parish Council had asked for the laptop and software to be purchased from Paul Grattan. The laptop that had been purchased by the Clerk and paid for by the Parish Council would be allocated to another Parish Council and the Parish Council would be reimbursed.


(1)    The very sad death of Mr Robert Law was reported and the Parish Council sent their condolences to his family. Councillor Moulstone was looking into finding another contractor to undertake the grass cutting on the Playing Field.

(2)    Street Lighting: A light was needed in Ferma Lane (3)           The second defibrillator could not be installed in the telephone kiosk at Little Barrow as there was no box included with it. The Clerk was asked to purchase a suitable one.

17.34    PLANNING

              (1)     Applications: None received

(2)    Decisions taken by CWaC

16/05550/FUL – Construction of outdoor riding arena and material change of use of agricultural barn to equestrian livery stables on land at Grid Ref 348764 370453, Nortons Lane, Mouldsworth, Chester – APPROVED

(3)    Awaiting Decision by CWaC:

16/05075/CAT – T1 – 1 X Ash Tree – Remove 2-3 suckers over drive and reduce rest of the tree by approx 2 – 2.5 metres –
17/00348/FUL – Conversion of existing outbuilding to one dwelling – Outbuildings Adjacent 1 Little Barrow Hall Mews, Station Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire


(1)    Barrow Parish Playing Field Committee: Councillor Moulstone reported that discussion was to be held about new equipment. Three trees on the Playing Field needed attention and might require the attendance of a tree surgeon. Three quotations were being sought to do the work on the Pavilion roof.

(2)     Footpaths Committee: No report

(3)     Police issues: No issues raised

(4)    Website: Councillor Owen reported that she had attended a meeting with Paul Gratton to discuss the Parish Council’s requirements for a new website.

(5)    Barrowmore Liaison: Councillor Owen reported on the meeting she and Councillor Moulstone had attended with Patrick Haycock, CEO of Barrowmore, on 2 March.

The Barrowmore Open Day was to be held on 20 May between 11.00am and 4.00pm. Invitations would be issued at the end of March and the responses would give an insight into potential numbers.

Bloor were working on revised plans for development on the site which they would present to the Parish Council before holding an open day for the community to view.

(6)    Allotments: The skip had been filled and had been removed (with some difficulty). All of the plots had now been taken and the remaining plot rentals for the current year, totalling £50, had been collected. Progress was being made with setting up the Allotment Association.

(7)    Neighbourhood Development Plan: A meeting had taken place on 4 March to which Parish Councillors and the NDP Working Group had been invited. A meeting was to be held for residents in the Village Hall on Saturday 18 March. Comments would also be accepted by email. The cut-off date for comments would be 1 April 2017 after which the document would be updated and sent to the statutory consultees

(8)    Gowy Partnership Meeting: The next meeting would be held on 28 March at 7.00pm in Alvanley Village Hall when the subject would be planning


              The Clerk was asked to report the following potholes to CWaC:

  • B5132 on the bend by the Church
  • In front of the two entrances to the Church
  • Outside Orchard End
  • B5132 outside the Playing Field
  • The reinstatement at Little Barrow opposite Station Farm which was breaking up

The Clerk was also asked to report two damaged signs at Stamford Bridge

Residents were reminded that the more people who reported highway faults on the CWaC website the more likely the work was to be undertaken quickly.


   None received

17.38    FINANCE

(1)    Payments: The following payments were noted

Cheque No. Paid to Amount
130 Nick Brookes Group – Skip Hire – Allotments 194.71
S/O Parish Clerk – salary March 341.20

(2)    Receipts: None

(3)    Bank Accounts: The Clerk had finally received instructions and a PIN code device from Barclays Bank which should enable her to view (but not to manage) the Parish Council’s deposit account online, although this was as yet untested. She was instructed to open a new current account with Barclays Bank as soon as possible. The balance in the Unity Trust current account as at 14 March was £7,882.36.


Tuesday 11 April 2017 at 7.00pm or following the Annual Parish Meeting, whichever is the later.



Please note the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 9th May starting at 7pm


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