Gowy Forum

At the Barrow Parish Meeting – 14th March 2017 some residents asked if there could be an overview of areas that arise in the agenda and minutes, with this in mind Eleanor has put together a brief outline of the role and  the parishes that are involved, and some of the items that are discussed

Gowy Forum

The Gowy Forum is made up of the 6 Parish Council, which are covered by Gowy Ward, these are – Ashton Hayes, Manley, Mouldsworth, Dunham Hill, Barrow, and Alvanley.

The Forum meets on an ad hoc basis when issues arise that may impact on most of the 6 villages.

For example, we have held meetings regarding the  Delamere Forest Holiday Chalets planning application,    meeting with the Police Commissioner to discuss the speeding in all of the villages.

The next meeting we will be meeting the planning officer to discuss some of the planning decisions that CWAC have made in the last few months and systems and processes that have not followed procedure.

The Autumn meeting will be to meet with the organisers of the Helsby Half Marathon to discuss the impact that the subsequent road closures had in the rural area


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