Minutes – February Meeting – 14th March 2017 – Please note that the start time for the April Meeting is 7.00pm


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 14 February 2017 in Barrow Village Hall.

Present: Councillors Eleanor Johnson (in the Chair), Sally James, Pippa Johnson, Malcolm Moulstone Julie Owen and Sue Weaver

In attendance: Mrs Pauline English (Parish Clerk) and three members of the public


              Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Andy Faulkner and Fiona Rackham. Councillor Hassells arrived late due to work commitments.



17.16    OPEN FORUM

              A resident complained that every road in the village had potholes, with Barnhouse Lane being particularly bad. The Chairman said that the CEO of Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) had attended a Ward Walk and had seen the problems. He also now understood why residents of Little Barrow wanted the 30mph zone. A meeting had taken place on Heath Lane when it was agreed to install a flashing sign on the first lamp post after the 30mph. Speeds would then be reviewed and if there was no improvement consideration would be given to installing a bollard. This would initially be a temporary measure that would be kept under review. The CEO noted that the edges of some roads were being worn away, but faced the problem of no money and no staff to undertake any work.


The Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 10 January 2017 were confirmed as a correct record.


No issues raised

17.19    PLANNING

              (1)     Applications: The following applications were submitted for consultation and comment

17/00348/FUL – Conversion of existing outbuilding to one dwelling – Outbuildings Adjacent 1 Little Barrow Hall Mews, Station Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire
17/00235/FUL – Single storey extension to rear, alteration to front window/door (resubmission of planning permission 13/04914/FUL) at Autumn Barn, Mill Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire CH3 7JF

(2)     Decisions: The following decisions by the Borough Council were noted

16/05550/FUL – Construction of outdoor riding arena and material change of use of agricultural barn to equestrian livery stables on land at Grid Ref 348764 370453 Nortons Lane, Mouldsworth, Chester – APPROVED
16/04593/FUL – Single storey extension to front/side and two-storey extension to side/rear at Greycot, Barrow Lane, Stamford Bridge, Chester, Cheshire, CH3 8EN. Consultation on this application closed on 4 November 2016 – APPROVED
16/05032/FUL – Change of use from office to catering (b2) in an industrial unit and addition of extraction unit at Unit 7B, Barrowmore Enterprise Estate, Irons Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire CH3 7LD – APPROVED

(3)     Awaiting Decision by Borough Council:

16/05075/CAT – T1 – 1 X Ash Tree – Remove 2-3 suckers over drive and reduce rest of the tree by approx 2 – 2.5 metres – This is required to keep the tree amenable and healthy and safe for the future growth at Chapel Rise, Station Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire CH3 7JW


(1)    Barrow Parish Playing Field Committee: It had been agreed at the last meeting that grass cutting was to be taken on by Robert Law. The Parish Council would take over responsibility for this activity and the Committee needed to be made aware that the annual grant would be reduced to take account of this. Quotations were being sought to repair the Pavilion roof.

(2)    Footpaths Committee: Alan Frew was to take over as secretary to the Committee. It was reported that there was a lot of dog excrement on the footpaths and that, while people were picking up, many bags were found hanging in trees. The Parish Council was reminded that if they saw anyone not picking up they should take a photograph and report it.

(3)    Police issues: It was important that residents reported via the Police 101 non-emergency number issues such as people apparently looking into houses.

(4)    Website: Councillor Owen reported that she had a meeting scheduled with Paul Grattan to discuss setting up a new website and would welcome any ideas. (Councillor Hassells arrived at the meeting)

(5)    Barrowmore Liaison: Councillor Moulstone would visit Barrowmore the following week and would report back to the next meeting.

(6)                Allotments: £10 plot rental was received. The allotments were now fully occupied.

(8)    Neighbourhood Development Plan: The updated draft NDP had now been circulated to all Councillors. The NDP Group would meet on 4 March at the Chairman’s house to finalise the draft and a drop-in would be arranged on 18 March between 2.00pm and 4.00pm at the Village Hall to present the final draft to residents who could add their comments. The NDP would then be updated and submitted to CWaC.

(8)    Gowy Partnership meeting: Arrangements were in hand for the next Gowy Partnership Meeting. Thursday 2 March was being considered.


The Clerk had made enquiries with the Street Lighting team at CWaC about having an additional street light in Ferma Lane and had been told that it was not feasible to install a single light, only a run of at least three lights would be considered. CWaC would not meet the cost of installation, but the Parish Council was a street lighting authority and had the power to do the work provided they met the cost. Councillor E Johnson would speak to Kay Parry at CWaC and to the owner of Greysfield. It was noted that the light outside 6 Manor Close was in a dangerous condition. The Clerk would report this to CWaC.`


(See also Open Forum above). It was noted that the planting in the hole in the hedge alongside the Jubilee footpath which had been involved in a road traffic incident had not taken. The Clerk was asked to contact the person who had been responsible for the hole to ask that further repairs be undertaken.

Following on from the issues raised in the Open Forum it was reported that potholes were particularly bad in Landsdowne Road (Tarvin end), at the bottom of Church Lane, opposite the school on the B5132, and on Village Road outside Orchard End. There were also problems with the manhole (road grid) outside The Croft on Station Lane and the manhole outside the last house in Lampits Lane (before Hawkins View). The hydrant by West Barn on Heath Lane had been knocked off.


A letter had been received from Julia Frew asking the Parish Council to reconsider its decision not to meet the cost of Room Hire at the Village Hall for the History Group in 2017-18 on the grounds that the cost related mainly to the storage of the Parish Archive. This was agreed. It was noted incidentally that the Village Hall proposed to increase the cost of storage of the Archive material from £16.80 to £18 a month. It was agreed to write to the Village Hall expressing disappointment that the cost of storing the village Archive was being increased, and that they had refused to allow the defibrillator to be relocated there, and reminding them that the Village Hall belonged to the village. It was suggested that the Archive might be relocated to the Millennium Room.


17.24    INSURANCE

              The Parish Council’s insurance was due for renewal and three quotations had been sought. Prices quoted were £808.21 (Aviva), £425.64 (Ecclesiastical) and £289.47 (Hiscox). The latter would be reduced by 5% to £275.00 if the Parish Council agreed to enter into a three-year binding agreement with Hiscox. All three quotations met the Parish Council’s requirements. It was resolved to accept the quotation from Hiscox and to enter into a three-year agreement.

17.25    FINANCE

(1)                Payments: The following payments were approved:



Paid to Amount
Chq127 Parish Clerk – expenses (February) incl. Laptop and Mouse 385.67
S/O Parish Clerk – salary February 341.20
Chq128 P Morgan-Microsoft Home & Business for laptop 220.00
Chq129 Came & Co (Hiscox) – Insurance 275.00

(3)    Receipts:

Allotment Rents 10.00

(4)    Balances:

Unity Trust Current Account (as at 14 February 2017) £9,104.23


No issues raised

17.27    DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 14 March 2017 at 7.30pm


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