Minutes – January 2017


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 10 January 2017 in Barrow Village Hall.

Present: Councillors Malcolm Moulstone (in the Chair), John Hassells, Julie Owen, Fiona Rackham and Sue Weaver

In attendance: Mrs Pauline English (Parish Clerk), and three members of the public

17.01    ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN           

              In the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council, Councillor Malcolm Moulstone was elected Chairman for the meeting.


              Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Andy Faulkner, Sally James, Eleanor Johnson and Pippa Johnson.



17.04    OPEN FORUM

              Concern was expressed about the number of potholes in the Village and the ruts on the side of the road on Heath Lane which were causing the road to deteriorate. Residents were advised to register complaints about highway issues directly onto the Cheshire West and Chester (CWaC) website as well as bringing them to the attention of the Parish Council. A meeting was to be held with CWaC Highway officers on Heath Lane on 19 January 2017 at which issues relating to the whole Village would be raised. A resident had wanted to raise with Councillor E Johnson, in her capacity as a member of the Cheshire Fire Authority, the question as to why the Fire Brigade had not got involved in the recent planning application for a Biodigester in Barrow and what they were going to do to minimise risks now that the application had been approved. He would ask at the next meeting.


The Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 13 December 2016 were confirmed as a correct record.


No issues raised

17.07    PLANNING

(1)    Applications:

16/05075/CAT – T1 – 1 X Ash Tree – Remove 2-3 suckers over drive and reduce rest of the tree by approx 2 – 2.5 metres – This is required to keep the tree amenable and healthy and safe for the future growth at Chapel Rise, Station Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire CH3 7JW – no comments to be made
16/05032/FUL – Change of use from office to catering (b2) in an industrial unit and addition of extraction unit at Unit 7B, Barrowmore Enterprise Estate, Irons Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire CH3 7LD – no objections

              (2)     Decisions:

16/04576/PDQ – Conversion of agricultural building to one dwelling at Heath Farm, Hollowmoor Heath, Great Barrow, Chester, CH3 7LF – REFUSED for the following reason: It is considered that the operational work required to alter the use of the agricultural building to that of a dwelling, would be beyond what might be sensibly or reasonably described as a conversion. Therefore the proposals do not constitute development permitted under the provisions of Class Q of Part 3 of Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended). Therefore the proposals are recommended for refusal.
16/04006/FUL – Two-storey rear extension and erection of car port at 18 Lampits Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire CH3 7JJ – APPROVED
16/00365/WAS – Demolition of existing storage barn and erection of an agricultural anaerobic digester and associated ancillary development at Old Hall Farm, Heath Lane, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire CH3 LL – APPROVED with conditions – Councillor E Johnson had put in a formal complaint about the way in which this matter had been handled by the Planning Department. As Ward Councillor she had asked to be informed before any decision was taken; this had not happened. She had queried why Highways were against it in the first place and what had happened to change their mind but had not received a response.

(3)     Awaiting Decision:

16/04593/FUL – Single storey extension to front/side and two-storey extension to side/rear at Greycot, Barrow Lane, Stamford Bridge, Chester, Cheshire, CH3 8EN.   Consultation on this application closed on 4 November 2017.

(4)     Withdrawn

16/04469/FUL – Erection of a triple timber garage within the grounds for storage at The Dairy House, Hollowmoor Heath, Barrow, Chester, Cheshire CH3 7LF. Consultation on this application closed on 28 October 2016


(1)    Barrow Parish Playing Field Committee: A grant had been received from Councillor Johnson’s members budget. Grass cutting was to be taken over by Robert Law and it was resolved that the Parish Council should take over responsibility for this activity and the annual grant should be reduced accordingly.

(2)    Footpaths Committee: A payment of £30 was made from the sale of Footpath booklets. It was noted that Pete Atkinson, CWaC Rights of Way officer, was having to apply for his own job as the team of three was to be reduced to two. It was also noted that Angie Woodcock had resigned as secretary to the Committee and a new secretary was being sought.

(3)    Police issues: Nothing to report

(4)    Website: It was proposed that a new website should be built for the sole use of the Parish Council and that the existing website should be given to the Community to use as they saw fit. This was agreed. It was also proposed that the Parish Council should pay for the domain name and the hosting fee for two years. This was also agreed. Thereafter the existing website would be owned, maintained and paid for by the community and it was suggested that a management team be set up of interested parties.

(5)    Barrowmore Liaison: The Parish Council offered support for the proposed Open Day. At the next meeting the Parish Council wanted to know more about planning issues

(6)    Skips: At the Finance Away Day the question of the provision of skips had been discussed and a suggestion had been made to order one larger skip for public use and to have it for one day only. This would not only be cheaper but would solve the problem of waste being left on the ground. Larger skips could be provided by Nick Brookes Group, based in Wardle, near Nantwich, at less cost than ASH and it was agreed that the Parish Council should order its skips from them in future.

(7)    Allotments: It was proposed to increase pitch fees to £12 a year (from £10) and this was agreed. Councillor Hassells was in the process of updating tenancy agreements prior to the establishment of the Allotments Association. He would liaise with Councillor Rackham about the skip agreed for January. Once the site had been cleared the issue of fencing would be addressed.

(8)    Neighbourhood Development Plan: Councillor P Johnson had produced a more concise plan which was presented to Councillors. This would be presented to the next meeting of the Parish Council for approval and would then go to residents for further consultation.

(8)    Gowy Partnership meeting: A meeting was to be called.


(1)    Electoral Review of Cheshire West and Chester Council Briefing 1 February 2017: Parish Councils were invited to send up to three representatives to a briefing by the Boundary Commission about the proposed electoral review of CWaC. The briefing was to be held at the Town Hall, Chester starting at 7.00pm.

(2)    Police and Crime Commissioner: A Press Statement had been issued in relation to the Police budget asking for residents’ views. It was agreed that Councillors should submit individual responses.


The main issue discussed was the closure of Long Green for the duration of the Essar Four Villages half marathon which was to be held on Sunday 15 February. There had been no consultation with residents about the closure, which would cause problems for working farms, residents needing to leave the Village to get to work or to go to Church. Councillor E Johnson had written a strongly worded email to Ian Tordoff, CWaC’s Events Development and Commissioning Officer, demanding that consultation take place with residents when closures were proposed for sporting events. A formal complaint was to be lodged.

17.11    FINANCE

(1)     It was resolved that:

  • the Clerk’s salary from 1 April 2017 be in accordance with SCP27 of the NJC salary scales for hourly paid Clerks, as notified in May 2016 and the Clerk be asked to record her hours over at least a three-month period to ascertain whether 8 hours a week is correct;
  • the monthly fixed payment for 2017-18 to mitigate the costs of having the Parish Council’s registered office at the Clerk’s home (including heating, lighting, telephone etc) should remain at £10 per month;
  • the rate per mile to be paid for casual use of own transport by both employees and Councillors on Parish Council approved business should remain at 45p per mile;
  • the precept be set at £14,000;
  • the CTRS grant totalling £857 for the remaining three years to 2020-21 be taken in 2017-18 as a one-off payment in accordance with the offer made by Cheshire West and Chester Council;
  • an advertisement be placed in the next edition of the Barrow News to appoint an appropriate person to undertake the Parish Council’s internal audit for 2016-17;
  • The insurance renewal quotation by Zurich, the Council’s current insurers, be noted and the Clerk be requested to seek alternative quotations for the sake of comparison and, if appropriate, approval by Councillors before the renewal date of 6 February 2017; and
  • The Risk Assessment for 2017-18 be approved

(2)     Payments: The following payments were approved:



Paid to Amount
BACS Parish Clerk – expenses January 19.90
S/O Parish Clerk – salary January 341.20

(3)    Receipts:

Income from Footpath booklets 30.00
Allotment Rents 10.00

(4)    Balances:

Unity Trust Current Account (as at 10 January 2017) 9,438.43


Although the new Notice Boards were ready, it was agreed that they should not be put up until the weather improved, around April/May. It was suggested that the Notice Board currently outside the shop should be moved to the bus shelter. This was agreed.

17.13    DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 14th February 2017 at 7.30pm


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