Unconventional Gas

Diary Date

After March IGAS should come back to say what they wish to do if anything


The 3D survey should have been analysed by end of Quarter 1 2016, but might be longer. The results are commercially sensitive, but Igas has promised to inform barrow residents in general terms of the results and also to discuss the future plans and actions.

A visit was made recently to a production site, where 4 wells had been drilled and 2 were producing gas and operating a diesel(methane) generator which was supplying the national grid. – A report with a site picture and answers to many questions is now attached. Visit to Doe Green

The drop-in session was attended by 20+  residents and a report will also be added soon.

As stated, the economics will depend on the flow rates achievable and so test drillings to bring up core samples, in the licence area are a possibility, which may or may not include Barrow parish. Any exploration testing/appraisal, development or production will require discussion with the residents before they put in for formal planning consents.

The Government infrastructure act 2015 now enshrines in law the regulations that have been proposed by various bodies to ensure safety of the water table, monitoring of methane, and Environmental and public health concerns including seismic monitoring. See Regulations

Web Site

The purpose of this site is to inform the residents of Barrow about the on-going activities that might occur under the banner of unconventional gas exploitation.Owing to the poor/patchy publicity surrounding the recent seismic survey, a non-partisan group has been set up of residents and councillors to ascertain the facts and to keep the residents informed of upcoming activities. Information will be posted on this site and in Barrow News as it becomes available. An email barrow.seismic@mail.com has also been set up for residents to post enquiries and letters can be handed in to the shop. Liaison with groups from other parishes and Igas will be conducted to improve the flow of information.
Meetings will be arranged when appropriate.

The group is YOURS so please USE it.

We are starting to pull together some background information and relevant reports/regulations to help inform and develop our questioning which you can see by clicking on the following headings